Individuals may submit proposals for up to $200 for a single classroom.  Departments, Houses and Clubs may submit proposals for up to $500 if the project is school wide or involves multiple classes of students.  Grant funds may not be used for substitute hours or for any item that is already being funded by the school district.  Funds may be used for study trips, as long as all district protocol is followed.  As you complete the online Application Form, please be aware that a sidebar will appear to the right of the Project/Activity Proposal box, outlining 6 questions that must be answered in that section.  Successful proposals will demonstrate complete, thoughtful and specific answers to each of the questions listed.

NEW!  The Eagle Foundation has changed its timeline for this school year.  We now accept Mini Grant Applications from October through mid November. 

THE DEADLINE FOR THE 2013-2014 School Year is FRIDAY, November 15th

Awards will be announced by December 6th.

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Please address the five proposal areas. Please check the boxes below indicating you have addressed the proposal areas. Proposals that do not provide these details will not be considered.
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"Points of Agreement" As a prospective Mini-Grant recipient I understand and agree that: 1) Grant funds will be available upon announcement of the grant. 2) This project will be completed by end of the spring semester of the academic year in which this project was submitted. 3) I will provide original receipts for all expenses. I will make copies of my receipts for my own records. I will be held personally responsible for any expenses incurred that are outside the realm of the description of my grant. 4) Upon completion of the project, I will provide a brief report that includes a list of expenses and a brief narrative description of the results and/or effects of the project. 5) Equipment and materials purchased will remain on the school site and become property of the West Contra Costa Unified School District. If non-consumable equipment is purchased with grant funds, I will work with an Eagle Foundation representative to ensure that a photographic inventory is taken of the equipment. 6) In all aspects, this project/activity and its implementation must comply with the policies and regulations of the West Contra Costa Unified School District. 7) I may not earmark grant funds to be used in any attempt to influence legislation within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). 8) These funds are not transferable to any other person for any other project. *